-Born in 1949 in Sychari of the now- occupied Cyprus .

-In 1961 at the age of 12 years, was admitted novice in the historic Machairas Monastery Cyprus

-In December 1970 and at age 21, is part of the clergy of the Patriarchate of Alexandria as Archdeacon of the Patriarch Nicholas F.

-Studied Then at the Theological Faculty of Athens and in 1978 at age 29 with the end of the studies, was ordained priest in Penteli Monastery by Abbot and Bishop of Dodona (the current Bishop of Zakynthos Mr. John Chrysostom).

-Returned  In Alexandria and Patriarch Nicholas the dub to Archimandrite and places Patriarchal Commissioner Cairo.

-Studied In Dublin, Ireland in Mission issues.

-In October 1980, the Patriarch sent him to South. Africa. Appointed there Vicar of the Diocese of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

-In July 1983 at the age of 34 elected unanimously by I.. Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria Bishop Babylon.

Placed second time Patriarchal Vicar in Cairo, and the ordination of a Bishop, was in Cyprus to Machairas Monastery, the former Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos.

-In July 1990 at the age of 41 years under Patriarch Parthenius III, elected Metropolitan of Accra and all of West Africa and in October 1991 appointed Patriarchal Exarch of the Diocese Irinoupolis.

-In November 1994 renamed Metropolitan Cameroon and West Africa.

-On February 21, 1997 and at age 48, elected by I.. Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria,  Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, as Peter Z.

-Was enthroned In Alexandria on March 9, 1997 and March 17 in Cairo.

-In Years to touring nearly all African countries, in all the Orthodox Autocephalous Churches, participate in conferences and other spiritual events around the world, refurbishes fundamentally Megara and churches in Egypt, promoting the I. Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria , the sophistication apology after 110 years in Agios Nektarios, for what he was there as Metropolitan of Pentapolis, other Bishops, Priests and Patriarch Sofronio.

-In Short Patriarchate establishes new Metropolises and Parishes and the days of attending the Patriarchate and the Metropolises to serve, clerics from all over Greece and Cyprus, while large numbers come to be ordained clergy and youth in it. He founded the NGO “Alexandria Lighthouse” Foundation “Saint John the Merciful” and “Foundation attendance Patriarchate of Alexandria.”

-It Is the only patriarch of Alexandria who in the history of the past 100 years did not succumb to interests not touched the arm of any other primate and self-government was holding the Patriarchate in height and in heavy and long history.

-The Supply and the presence of Patriarch Petros stopped unexpectedly at the climax of the action at the age of only 55 years, the tragic day of September 11, 2004, with the fall of Chinook.