petrospj_1The blessed Pope and Patriarch Petros VII, to seven years Patriarchate ordained new priests and bishops who manned the Mission and strengthened the spiritual work of the Patriarchate throughout Africa faithful to “Go therefore and make disciples of all Nations.”

Within seven years he has made a thorough refurbishment of the Patriarchal Palace in Alexandria, Cairo and the guardianship of the churches in Alexandria and Cairo.

He created and left behind the project was to see the Patriarchate over forty years.

He was the patriarch requested by the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of sophistication apology from Saint Nectarios on the persecution suffered by the Patriarchate in the last century that served as Metropolitan of Pentapolis.

Honored the Holy in every way and restored the historic Church of St. Nicholas in Cairo operated Agios Nektarios and the cell in which he lived, creating and chapel on the ground floor.

He can be considered as the real reformer, missionary and renovator of Alexandria Patriarchate of the last fifty years.

petrospj_2The late Patriarch Petros orphan child grew up from the age of eight years in the history of Machairas monastery in Cyprus and minister to the Church as the age of 55 years who died in a plane crash still unclear.

He is the patriarch that the course and the work can be so teaching for many in the future.