Ipetros_1n 1998 starts a new course in the history of the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa. After the passing of Patriarch Partheniou minister was elected to the Throne of St. Mark (founder of the Patriarchate) the Metropolitan of Cameroon Peter Papapetros.

He received a patriarchate with a felt picture “aging” and indifference of many of the factors that directly should be reorganized and operated in accordance with the data required and the Tradition and the conditions of the time with frenodeis rates.

At the age of 47 years, the new Patriarch Petros with experience and presence in the Patriarchate from various important positions for many 30 years old, he put as aware of the problems and needs strong foundations for the next day.

He founded new Metropolises and Parishes, restored temples and buildings and founded institutions and the NGO “Lighthouse of Alexandria.”
Created in just seven years, what had done his predecessors the past 40 years.

Aim and purpose of Patriarch Peter was doing beyond the Missionary and Development project for the peoples of Africa. Schools, small clinics, orphanages, drilling, pilot crops and support in every way the inhabitants of these countries. The organization and management of this crucial and long-term project undertaken by the NGO “Alexandria Lighthouse”.

In the first year of operation in 2003-2004 have created folders planning projects EUR 100 mil. For the next five years in 30 countries of Africa.

For this reason and in order of Patriarch Petros director then of NGOs Apostle Forlidas, traveled to Paris for meetings with officials from the Agency for Development Cooperation, UNESCO, in Brussels with Commissioners officials from the European Union, actors and the team of the World Bank for sub-Saharan African countries, etc.

The instigation of Patriarch Petros to all these institutions was to support the development work of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

The existence of the Patriarchate of scales with Metropolises and Parishes and executives, was the tool to accept these bodies the proposals of the Patriarch and to support the process and economically viable development activities in African countries.

The adokitos death of Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa Petros G. on September 11, 2004 during the fall Chinook helicopter in which he was traveling overturned the entire design.

faros_alexThe successor state did not want to keep the Patriarchate Agency for its own reasons. So the amount of 100 mil. Euros to be collected by international organizations never arrived in Africa since the late Patriarch had not had time to sign the respective agreements with international organizations and the new situation successor not entered any procedure to ensure .

Since 2004 and after the death of Patriarch Petros and all the members of the NGOs wanted to continue the operation of the memory of its founder, but also in memory of the other victims – passengers Chinook especially as the then President of the Non- Governmental Organization “Alexandrian Pharos” Patroclus – Aristides Papastefanou and members of the Agency, the Metropolitan of Carthage Chrysostomos Papadopoulos, the Legal Advisor and prominent criminal lawyer George Black and Spyridon Koursaris was the security officer of the late Patriarch Petros, who died in fatal flight of the helicopter.

Accordingly the members of the NGO decided unanimously as he renamed “FAROS Elpidas.”Continuously since then it works in spite of the times and people.