g_managerApostolos Forlidas

President & Manager

He has grown up in Athens and African countries. He studied at the Theological School of Athens and in private schools marketing and communication and abroad international politics. Since 1986 he engaged in journalism and was co-owner of television and radio station, as well as strain on SMEs. He served as prime minister and ministers partner for several years, while the private sector was responsible departments of Communication majors.

From 1998-2005 there was a cleric in the Patriarchate of Alexandria and I. Archdiocese of Athens with the office of the Archimandrite and was the first Archdeacon of the late Patriarch Petros of Alexandria. The Patriarchate had the Department of Institutions and Agencies, the Rep. Relations Patriarch, drafting budgets, etiquette and markets equipment and many other responsibilities. Although Member of the Patriarchal Escort the September 11, 2004 did not travel with the Chinook on Mount Agio Oros in order to carry out court case. Today he lives because of this. He resigned voluntarily by cleric shortly after the death of Patriarch Petros he did not want to coexist with people and new situations.

Member companies and is Chairman of our organization and is treasurer and member of the Board the Union of Greek Writers and author of over 8 books.

gfotiadGeorge Fotiadakis

Vice NGO “Faros Elpidas”

The Vice Chairman of our Board of Directors has offered since 2003 tirelessly services to our Agency.

It’s from the top businessmen in the area of systems, machinery and equipment to professional cleaners and industrial type.

The Thirty Years’ professional path, classifies the emerging entrepreneurs in the industry.

He is the owner of Electrofot company with own facilities and sales and service exposure in cleaning machines and small home appliances, and represents in Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans and the Middle East, branded machines companies of its kind.

The company is also authorized to service the many gadgets companies.

His acquaintance with founding members of our organization and the close relationship with the late Patriarch Petros of Alexandria to offer infused with love for years to visions and development work and purposes of our Organization.

xrysa_anagAnagnostopoulou Xrysa

Board Secretary

Born and raised in Korydallos Attica. After high school he entered in Nursing TEI. Then, as a member of ELTA finished the Higher School of Administration Executives – ELTA. She has attended seminars a total duration of 650 hours with issues Organization and Office Administration, Human Resource Management, Management of large customers, Sales and organization Sales network. Owns an ECDL: word-excel-internet explorer etc. and speaks English. From 1983-2004 he worked at the post office in the following jobs. Transaction in Box C. Post. Piraeus Office, Directorate Secretariat in C. Post. Piraeus Office, Head of Post. Graphics. Korydallos 2 Head of sales and network Central Post.. Keratsini Office. 2004-2007 Worked in the “General Postal” in the Office of Piraeus as responsible sales and service large customers in 2007 Accounting Office Mrs. Evangelia Markopoulo 11 / 2007-12 / 2008 in the company “C. Stroumbos SA “as responsible staff and service large customers after the sale. From 2008 – 2010 responsible for cultural events agencies and organizations. In 2012 he was a founding member – partner to the Agency “Επιμένων Ελληνικά” Since 2007 it offers time to the activities of NGO “Faros Elpidas” contributing greatly to the effort of the goals and objectives of the NGO.