The Non-Governmental Organization “Faros Elpidas” is a recognized non-profitable organization in Greece. As of 2007 Greek Ministries and DIRECTORATES GENERAL / COMMISSIONS / ECHELONS / SECTORS of the European Union, in recognition of our work from 2003 and our ability of implementing and accomplishing “MANAGERIAL PROFICIENCY-ISO”, have awarded the trust deserved to our organization by approving our proposed plans and portfolios of proposals. As a result, we have effectuated in earnest and responsibly 5 co-subsidised European Union Programs by providing employment positions to the young unemployed, supporting simultaneously, via actualization of the programs, less advantaged social groups and also Social, Cultural and Educational services of county councils and councils for underprivileged areas. 2013 has seen us employ accordingly a Program budgeted to 952,000.00 euro.

– In our service are 34 trained specialists and full, professional technical office equipment and secretarial support.

– With Greece in the midst of its economic recession, since 2013 we have been aiding gratis an area of Athens by providing daily meals to 250 families, foodstuffs free of charge monthly to a further 250 families and medical provisions to an additional 200 families. We have secured the daily food provisions for the families we support from The Greek Democracy Presidential Guard Mess, the General Police Headquarters of Athens Mess, the Headquarters of Eastern Mediterranean of Athens and from restaurants and catering.

– We have organized “Time Bank”. A form of alternative economy and volunteer offers.

– We provide service vehicles for the transportation of the specialist staff and volunteers in addition to the use for the daily collection of portions, supplies and foodstuffs and in conjunction with the home delivery, specifically in the cases of the elderly or disabled.

-3 music recitals and concerts have been organized on our initiative at the historical ancient theatre of Herodes below the Acropolis and we have published books of religious content.

International Collaborations

– Our overseas activities include cooperation and proposal planning with the Jordanian Royal Family Foundation, The Ministry of Health in South Africa, The Ministry of Agriculture in Zimbabwe, The Ministry of Public Services in Ghana, The Hellenic speaking Chimaras County in Albania, The world Health Organization, The International Organization for Immigration.

-Additionally, per request and blessing of the present Patriarch of Jerusalem, Mr. Theofilos, we have designed projects of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem for Jordan, The Palestinian Authority and Jerusalem, providing profound experience and knowledge for the specialist schemes of the area.

Founding History

In 2003 the Organisation “FAROS ELPIDAS” was founded under the original name “Alexandrinos Faros” with the intention of realizing social, growth and humanitarian work in cooperation with the Patriarchate of Alexandria governments and ministries in Africa.

-We organized and studied the task portfolios, designing a multifarious work in countries of Africa.

– The unexpected and unclear death of Patriarch Petros in the military Chinook helicopter crash (11/9/04) annulled that long-term project which had been accepted by International Organizations and Sectors who were to fund it with the initial amount of 100 million euro in its first phase 2004-2008.

– Over time as “Faros Elpidas” now and as an independent Organization, it continues unerringly to operate in the memory of its Founder and in the memory of all those who died that Saturday morning, endeavoring to provide its works and in Greece, with the dedication and loyalty of its members and cooperatives.

We are available for any further information or clarification and to discuss any suggestions of cooperation.